Things I buy just because I like the packaging…

Amazing design for this Target fragranced diffuser glass bottle and it’s package.

This is something beyond yogurt. It’s more like a dessert than a light snack. But I love the package label. Very 1980’s graphic design photocopy style and color.

Yogurt again. The yogurt aisle sure has expanded lately! At least some of the new packaging is well designed. This screams “I am the HIGH CLASS yogurt”.

Scented Diffusor bottle from Target. The overall colors and design elements made this one really stand out from the others on the shelf. Love this style of design on the label.

This simple box with such bold fonts made me always want to try it, so I finally gave in. I usually love falafels, so maybe that was half of the appeal. Also showing the three elements at the top made me immediately think it has no extra preservatives or junk.